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Choosing the Right Lamp Shade to Enhance Your Lamps
Choosing the best shades for your lamps is easy with a little knowledge. Vocabulary first - you and your lighting professional can communicate better once you’re speaking the same language. Starting
Crystal Chandelier Buying Tips
Nothing in the home-decoration vocabulary signals elegance as much as the word “chandelier.” Even those extolling the clean lines of Mission furniture and declaring “drapes” a pretentious word for cu
Designing with Lighting
Home lighting is the art of painting light and shadows onto a dark canvas. The best lighting designer is a problem solver, determining where light is needed and then directing it there with economy a
How to Use Chandeliers and Pendants to Create Ambience
A stunning chandelier never fails to attract attention when you walk into the room. However, you don’t have to have a huge chandelier to make a room better with a hanging light. Smaller chandeliers a
Kitchen Lighting Advice
Whether you are lighting a new kitchen or redecorating your present one, the best advice is: think about lighting early in the process. One upscale lighting store described what they call “too little
Lighting 101: The Basics
LIGHTING CATEGORIES Chandeliers - are installed electric fixtures that hang from the ceiling. Also known as hard wire products that are wired directly into an electrical source. Wall Lamps
Lighting Tip Questions and Answers
Q: How do I determine the proper size chandelier for my dining table? A: The rule is to choose a chandelier with a diameter equal to half the width of your table. For example: if your table is 62
Lighting With Style: Traditional, Transitional, and Contemporary Lighting Styles
Whether you’ve just moved into your first home or the house of your dreams, it’s not complete until you have chosen the right fixtures to fill it full of light. To accomplish this, it helps greatl
New Home Lighting Trends
If you haven’t shopped for lighting in a couple of years or longer, you will notice some definite differences between what was available a few years ago and lighting options available now. V
Popular Bathroom Lighting Styles
Today’s bathroom decorating strategies unpack the word “bathroom” and reset the “room” part in capital letters. Gone are the banks of movie-star mirror lights, and exiting right behind them are the h
Quoizel Lighting Tips
Chandeliers This time-honored way to add grace and elegance to a dining room setting is now being reprised in living rooms and bedrooms throughout the home. Down lighting in chandelier fixtures al
Style Updates for Bathrooms
There are several forces at work influencing lighting trends. "Consumers are demanding contemporary fixtures, especially as baby boomers migrate to smaller homes or condos and Generation X homeowners
Tricks of the Trade
Mixing and matching the tricks listed below can help you highlight features, hide problems, and balance your layers of light. Ceilings can pose problems, or they can become special features. If
Under Cabinet Lighting Recommendations
Have you ever found yourself rummaging through your kitchen cabinets and drawers wishing you had just a little more light? What a nuisance! Yet, it's fairly easy to update your cabinets with th
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