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Style Updates for Bathrooms
Last Updated: 04/12/2011
Bath LightingThere are several forces at work influencing lighting trends. "Consumers are demanding contemporary fixtures, especially as baby boomers migrate to smaller homes or condos and Generation X homeowners stray from traditional designs," says Jeff Dross, senior product manager of Kichler Lighting. "Lighting manufacturers are responding with a wider variety of contemporary solutions."

Here are 3 ways to update your bathroom's lighting style:

1,Replace multilamp bath strips. "When I see photos of clients' homes or am on a lighting consultation, bath light bars are the number one offender in dated fixtures," says Jeffery Morris, lighting specialist with Pure Lighting. "This is so easily changed with a fixture that throws more light and a higher light level that makes even a small bath appear larger."

2, Switch out globe lights. If you think you need to find a new way to apply makeup or shave, the problem may actually be the lighting.
Exposed globe bulbs have lots of glare and are inefficient. Glass diffusers over the bulb can reduce glare, but if budget allows, choose a different fixture to direct light better.

3,Spend money on a statement fixture. A chandelier in the center of the room is a light source with a dramatic impact. Or replace a large, outdated fixture with several smaller ones. Smaller light sources for task and accent light direct light more effectively and specifically to highlight the space better.

Design Tips: Certain light sources—a chandelier for example—make a statement and provide light. And while every light fixture should fit into the decor of the room and the home, most should provide pleasant illumination without drawing attention to the bulb. That’s why sconce shades, even when directed downward, shield the bulb. The focus isn't on the light fixture, but on enhancing the light's effect. If you have a dated light source that causes you to hone in on the bulb, might be time for a change.

Layering in the Bathroom. A bathroom relies heavily on overhead fixtures, such as chandeliers and task lighting by vanities, to make bathing, showering, and daily "prep" work enjoyable and easy. Place accent light sources to highlight plants and artwork, but consider adding it in unusual spaces, such as strip lights under the toe-kick panel cabinetry, along a ceiling cove, or on a shelf.

The Best Light. Red to yellow tones of light flatter the face, a necessity in the bathroom. When you're replacing or adding bulbs read the label and chose a Kelvin of at least 2700K and all the way up to 3000K

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